Thursday, 23 August 2012


Hello. Long time.

This blog has been neglected, but not without reason. Since Nick’s last post (below), he decided that playing with the Fulang no longer fit, and we parted ways (musically) last May. He has finally escaped London and is grazing content in the lush Oxfordshire meadows. There is no ill-feeling and we still talk often!

But this was not before we added Adam Mufti to the ranks. You spoke and we listened. You demanded impact-generated-sonic-propulsion, and we/he provided (he plays drums). He joined just in time to play our friend Julie R. Kane’s Colorless Green Ideas final issue party, which was a real honour to be part of (see: ). Not least because we got the opportunity to play in a truly spectacular venue that a number of people from the London DIY scene built with their own bare/bear hands (see: ). If you failed to make a show at the This Is D.I.Y venue, feel very sorry for yourself, indeed. Thanks to Julie and all who played, read, stood, cheered, howled, drank, talked-louldly-through-the-sets and made it so memorable. And here’s a picture (taken by Tony Mountford) of Adam getting the job done:

So with a new line-up comes a fresh batch of songs. The first of which, a re-imagining of Dunedin, can be heard below. Early focus group tests have been positive, and I feel that this new work is truly our best yet. To my ear Dunedin is no longer that song I wrote after listening to White Ink by Deerhunter twenty-two-too-many-times:
New plans are afoot and due to commence imminently; the first being to play The Dream Machine at the Fiddlers Elbow, Camden NW5 3HS, this Saturday 25 August. We will (finally) be sharing a bill with our good friends, and for my money, one of the most exciting outfits currently slapping strings with meaty hands, One Unique Signal. Here’s some facebook info:


Secondly, last June, our debut album was awarded recording of the month from the Oxford-based online magazine Nightshift. The prize is studio time, and we plan to use this to record a new mini-album of new material. You can read their kind words here (page 26):

So that was the past four months.

In summary, have a listen to Dunedin and come to the Fiddler's Elbow on Saturday 25 August.

Feeling positive,
With love
Stuart Fulang