Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fulang Debut Album>> finally the Fulang Debut Album is here!
We put much work (and time) into this and its the end product of the past 12 months or so..

Of course the songs have evolved/de-volved/changed since we recorded them so this now stands as a Fulang moment in time... (around August 2011).. it can be streamed here - fulangsoundcloud


1. One day i hope to see London fall into the sea.
2. Blood Money
3. Moses
4. Salado
5. Los 33

It'll be available on CD for £5 at shows (with a free copy of our first EP) and online also.Special thanks to Byron "action" Jackson for the engineering/editing and the ears, and Joseph Webb for the final mixing.


one day I hope to see london fall into the sea and as I walk in the foot holes set out by those whose feet are deemed to big behind to follow I cross the ravines and now the desert my shoes my elbow an empty bottle reflecting in the black sun reflecting in the black sun and death I stalked over londons bridges I stole his white horse saddle I kicked some dust and broke his pose but all I learned in my defence was a clear indifference blood money for a black sun blood money for a black sun I walked through the crowd of Hispanics their black hair olive skin and brown eyes the colours of their flags oranges greens reds and yellows their beautiful language in my ears as i separated the tide of people like moses and i wondered if our language sounded as beautiful to them salado if you feel it going down for that last time its ok Los 33 Up ^ ^ ^

Monday, 16 January 2012

Camden Tragedies (bedroom demo)

The product of the comedown from an immensely enjoyable weekend, the leftover beer in the fridge and a Monday evening, with nothing better to do.

Camden Tragedies (bedroom demo) by FulangChang&I