Friday, 21 October 2011

fulang delays..

ok so we've had to move the November gig to December 14th at the Dublin Castle as our mixing man Jo Webb has just gone on tour in the states until mid-november.. which means the album will now be out mid-december instead..
this gives us time to work on new noise as we have a pretty large backlogue of ideas to finish off..

Sunday, 9 October 2011

outside london fulang..

the fulang played in Oxford at The Wheatsheaf with GappyTooth promotions a couplo Saturdays ago and had a great night.. playing the week before w/RIP THIS JOINT was a success too.. both these shows were run by people who promote the night, pay the bands and get decent-sized crowds.. which after a few years of playing London you realise is a rarity so massive Kudos and thanks to both for putting us on and continuing their succesful nights.. for our upcoming debut album - we've finalised our parts and sent the files off for mixing.. the artworks done and just needs to be printed.. overall its been a slow process but hopefully the end will be in sight in the next fortnight.. we aim to release it in November..

(thanks to Julie Kane for the pics)