Friday, 22 July 2011

"studio fulang.."

ok so after demo'ing some noise the fulang is now preparing to go into the studio.. we managed to get byron jackson from one unique signal to give us a hand and an ear so we'll be recording 4 or 5 tracks depending on time.. plus we'll add some overdubs onto some other tracks we did late in 2010 and hopefully end up with enough to put on a cd.. the tracks will be sent off to sunny outer-London to be mixed by joseph webb.. any that dont make the final cut will be leaked out in other ways via the myspace, downloads or from a loudspeaker on the gunnersbury to kentish town overground.. the rest of the year will be spent playing live so we're booking some shows - the first of which is a RIP THIS JOINT night at the constitution in camden on september 17th.. entry will £2 and theres 4 bands on.. ok ok..

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