Monday, 27 June 2011

fulang update>>

...and so the Fulang got tired of the endless adverts/harrasment/terrible music of myspace and the fact that most of the bands we know dont actually use it anymore, and decided to start up a blog instead for any updates/info - hence this page.
Our music will still available be on myspace and there will be some links here to other recordings/demo's but this blog will be
the main outlet for what the fulang is up to.
which is ..

..currently finishing off some demo's of new songs we've played at gigs this year before attempting to record them in greater detail.. and slower time. Once they're done we'll get someone else to mix them then hopefully sort out a CD. In case you havent seen us recently we're now a 2-piece (2x Guitar, 1x Vocals) as the Kiwi's have returned to their homeland so we've adapted our sound to more of a drone/loop noise and the new recordings reflect this.

One of these demo's - "Blood Money" - we've posted on the myspace as we were quite pleased with the results of what can be done with an 8-track, a laptop and a quick rough mix.
The Fulang has got some gigs booked with one this week and then one in mid-September. This Friday July 1st is at The Queens Head in Brixton and we're first on at 8.30pm. No idea what the other bands are like but its free entry! The one in September is a RIP THIS JOINT night down in the basement of The Constitution in Camden, which is right next to the canal and near Camden Road Overground station. We'll be playing with Cherry But No Cake and an unamed French band.
Its £2 entry and all the money goes straight to the bands.
Also, Nick Fulang occasionally does some spoken word with Cherry so there might be more than just our set to watch out for. We're waiting for confirmation of the date but it'll probably be Saturday 17th September.