Monday, 19 December 2011


Our good friend Craig Barrett has remix'd our song 'Salado', and it's really rather special. Listen to it, and more of his work, thru the player below.

Salado [Cinematic Remix] by CraigBarrett

Thanks again Craig!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

fulang ex's..

stuart told me about this last week - PROTON BEAST - its something stu (our old drums) put together so thot we'd better give it some ad.
yeh, its rocks..

Sunday, 6 November 2011

new tune - Dunedin

Dunedin / rhsl by FulangChang&I

a rehearsal demo of a new song - 'Dunedin'

In honour of lost heroes

Friday, 4 November 2011

volume is a subjective phenomena

... but this guy was louder than all hell

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Production is slow, but done with love, and yielding great satisfaction.
D.I.Y or Die, right?

Friday, 21 October 2011

fulang delays..

ok so we've had to move the November gig to December 14th at the Dublin Castle as our mixing man Jo Webb has just gone on tour in the states until mid-november.. which means the album will now be out mid-december instead..
this gives us time to work on new noise as we have a pretty large backlogue of ideas to finish off..

Sunday, 9 October 2011

outside london fulang..

the fulang played in Oxford at The Wheatsheaf with GappyTooth promotions a couplo Saturdays ago and had a great night.. playing the week before w/RIP THIS JOINT was a success too.. both these shows were run by people who promote the night, pay the bands and get decent-sized crowds.. which after a few years of playing London you realise is a rarity so massive Kudos and thanks to both for putting us on and continuing their succesful nights.. for our upcoming debut album - we've finalised our parts and sent the files off for mixing.. the artworks done and just needs to be printed.. overall its been a slow process but hopefully the end will be in sight in the next fortnight.. we aim to release it in November..

(thanks to Julie Kane for the pics)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

upcoming fulang..

..the fulang has been invited to play a show by Oxford's Gappy Tooth Industries. We went to see one of their shows back in April
and were surprised and heartened by the diversity of the line-up so we kept in touch.. we now have 2 gigs confirmed for September -

September 17th at The Constitution in Camden Town, London w/Rip This Joint Promotions - £2
September 24th at The Wheatsheaf in Oxford w/Gappy Tooth Industries - £4.50

..also we're finalising the artwork/tracklisting for our debut album and hope to have the full details soon.
October and the rest of the year will be spent playing shows to promote the album..

Saturday, 23 July 2011

"audio-visual fulang.."

we've just posted some quick videos of the fulang online..

flight risk


and a demo of blood money

audio-visual fulang>>

Friday, 22 July 2011

"studio fulang.."

ok so after demo'ing some noise the fulang is now preparing to go into the studio.. we managed to get byron jackson from one unique signal to give us a hand and an ear so we'll be recording 4 or 5 tracks depending on time.. plus we'll add some overdubs onto some other tracks we did late in 2010 and hopefully end up with enough to put on a cd.. the tracks will be sent off to sunny outer-London to be mixed by joseph webb.. any that dont make the final cut will be leaked out in other ways via the myspace, downloads or from a loudspeaker on the gunnersbury to kentish town overground.. the rest of the year will be spent playing live so we're booking some shows - the first of which is a RIP THIS JOINT night at the constitution in camden on september 17th.. entry will £2 and theres 4 bands on.. ok ok..

Monday, 4 July 2011

"not friday night in brixton music.."

so the fulang played in brixton on friday.. at the queens head, stockwell road..
as we began... feeling out the first song... the landlord galloped over from the bar.. waving his arms around.. and started shouting at the soundman.. in some drunken gibbering accent... about "too much noise" or something.. the fulang was cranking through the gears, easing into it, so we ignored the ugly scene... until the drunken man decided to involve stuart, bellowing in his ear..

"it is for the next 25 minutes.."

he threatened..
then scuttled off behind the bar.. hand holding his boating hat atop his head... a little jack russell following his white sports socks.. with a concerned look on its face..

we ploughed on like missionaries.. through the guttural blues of "blood money".. the jack russell occasionally sniffing at my foot-pedals.. then settled into the less grating on the ear/soul sound of "salado" and all seemed well... there was no ice visited upon us and no scuttling or bellowing..
the room filled up.. and so did the sound..

I announced "Los 33" as our final song and one unsuspecting voice replied

"what? the last one? already?"

...before we unleashed 15 minutes of disgusting low-down perverted noise.. the drawling feedback and the horror of guitar-assault, apparent.. my moans falling from the p.a. and floating off somewhere towards the skatepark down the road.. with that homeless guy on the bench watching the kids arch and weave in balletic shapes over the concrete and graffiti..

afterwards i thanked vincenzo the soundman who said he'd "very much the last song liked".. and the fulang and their companions repaired to the pavement outside.. sharing cans of lager and stories of gay nautical heroes...

next up - the constitution in camden town on september 17th..

"blood money.."

and as i walk.. in the footholes.. for those whose feet are..are deemed to big... behind to follow.. i cross the ravines and now..the desert my.. shoes my elbow.. an empty bottle.. reflecting in the black sun..reflecting in the black sun..

dnghh dnhghh dnhghh dnhggh (x2)

and death i stalked.. 'cross london's bridges.. i stole his white horse saddle..i whipped some dust.. and broke his pose.. but all i learned.. in my defence..was a clear indifference.. blood money.. for a black sun.. blood money.. for a black sun..

dnghh dnhghh dnhghh dnhggh (x4)

Monday, 27 June 2011

fulang update>>

...and so the Fulang got tired of the endless adverts/harrasment/terrible music of myspace and the fact that most of the bands we know dont actually use it anymore, and decided to start up a blog instead for any updates/info - hence this page.
Our music will still available be on myspace and there will be some links here to other recordings/demo's but this blog will be
the main outlet for what the fulang is up to.
which is ..

..currently finishing off some demo's of new songs we've played at gigs this year before attempting to record them in greater detail.. and slower time. Once they're done we'll get someone else to mix them then hopefully sort out a CD. In case you havent seen us recently we're now a 2-piece (2x Guitar, 1x Vocals) as the Kiwi's have returned to their homeland so we've adapted our sound to more of a drone/loop noise and the new recordings reflect this.

One of these demo's - "Blood Money" - we've posted on the myspace as we were quite pleased with the results of what can be done with an 8-track, a laptop and a quick rough mix.
The Fulang has got some gigs booked with one this week and then one in mid-September. This Friday July 1st is at The Queens Head in Brixton and we're first on at 8.30pm. No idea what the other bands are like but its free entry! The one in September is a RIP THIS JOINT night down in the basement of The Constitution in Camden, which is right next to the canal and near Camden Road Overground station. We'll be playing with Cherry But No Cake and an unamed French band.
Its £2 entry and all the money goes straight to the bands.
Also, Nick Fulang occasionally does some spoken word with Cherry so there might be more than just our set to watch out for. We're waiting for confirmation of the date but it'll probably be Saturday 17th September.